The United State Postal Service has informed us that, due to current safety concerns, they are behind on delivering mail to 15th Ward residents and other Chicagoans in 60636.


Here is the USPS' response to Alderman Lopez's request for clarification:

"The past several days have been very difficult for a nation already grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.  The recent and tragic events in Minneapolis have given rise to large protests throughout our country, as is their right, many citizens are voicing heartfelt concerns on issues of race and equal treatment under the law.  Peaceful protest is the right of every American citizen and the nation has thrived and evolved when citizens get together in unison to voice their concerns. 


Unfortunately recent protests have turned violent and unsafe causing damage to people and property, which is the reason for this correspondence to you today.  Ogden Park Post Office sustained substantial damage at the hands of vandals masquerading as protesters.  We have not suspended delivery service to the community; however, we are challenged as a result of the break-in and the senseless damage done inside of our unit.  Carriers assigned to Ogden are reporting to a nearby unit where they pickup mail for their route and deliver it.  Do you have any specific addresses that we can review?  Mail deliveries which includes packages should not be affected. 


We apologize for spotty service  while we are in the process of cleaning and repairing equipment and systems required to return to full functionality.  Additionally, Postal Inspection Service, our law enforcement group, is still conducting an official investigation therefore retail lobby services are not available.  However we do offer retail service at many offices conveniently located such as, Englewood Station 611 W 63rd St, 60621 and Auburn Park Station, 8345 S Ashland 60620.  We expect to return to full retail operations at Ogden Park no later than tomorrow, Friday, 6/5/20. 


We do thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter."

If you have not received your mail, please fill out the form below and we will do our best to share this information with the USPS and your respective U.S. Congressman to remedy this situation. Thank you!

Thank you. We will forward this information to the Post Office.