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Statement on the Future of the Gage Park Migrant Center

I want to invite residents of the Gage Park community to join me for a community meeting to discuss the Gage Park Migrant Center. It has been six months since the Gage Park community helped address migrants residing in police stations and the ongoing border crisis that has since become Chicago's backyard crisis.


At that time in June, there were only 450 individuals sleeping on police station floors. Since then, thousands more have arrived, bringing our city to a breaking point. With ineptitude coming from City Hall bureaucrats and minimal support from the federal government, it is impossible to expect our neighborhoods to continue to absorb Washington, DC's failures any longer.


City Hall can no longer take Gage Park residents' sacrifice and generosity for granted. Even with improvements to the Gage Park campus, the original agreement with Mayor Brandon Johnson's team was that the center would be safe, healthy, and temporary.


I recently sent Mayor Johnson a letter asking him to verify that exit letters were given to all migrants living within the fieldhouse. I have not received a response.


Additionally, I asked that no new migrants be allowed to live there any longer.


Simply put, it is time Gage Park got its fieldhouse and park programming back.

Gage Park Fieldhouse Respite Center Testimony

Do you support continuing or closing the Gage Park Fieldhouse Respite Center at 55th & Western?/¿Apoya usted la continuación o el cierre del Centro de Migrantes de Gage Park en 55th & Western?
Do you feel comfortable with the way the Johnson Administration and delegate agencies have handled Chicago's migrant crisis?/¿Se siente cómodo con la forma en que la Administración Johnson y las agencias delegadas han manejado la crisis migratoria de Chicago?
What has been your top concern with the Gage Park Fieldhouse Respite Center?/¿Cuál ha sido su principal preocupación en el Centro?
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